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Getnet Clone

That's how we like it!

Our wonderful "Motion Control" on set, helping us create clones of the same actress in different actions, showing the versatility of Getnet's product!


How did we do it?

From the beginning, planning what each of the actress's steps should be like, taking advantage of Motion Control technology. Several takes of the same scene with different acting and "joined" in post, with a lot of composition.



What techniques?

.Motion Control

.On-set Supervision



.Color Grading



Who did?

Producer: DLKTSN
Directed by: Nylon (Caio Montanari and Boca Ceravolo)

Post Producer: Atomo VFX 
Executive Director: Guilherme Correa 
Service: Rafaela Coelho 
Financial Director: Anna Carolina Gomes 
Administrative assistant: Stephany Almeida 
R&D Lead: Roberto Hradec 
Post Production Coordination: Fernanda Nahas
Art and Composition Supervision: Caio Montanari
Post-Production Supervision, Composition, Color and Finalization: Rafael Zierhofer
Composition: Caio Ferreira Penteado, Daniel Rotatori, Renato Montoro and Sérgio Jacobina
Editing: Vitor Amorim

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