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Pizza Hut

Creativity, madness, and lots of Motion Graphics.

All this in one place? Only in the Pizza Hut project,

It's not every day that a pizza box turns into a rocket!

Is not it?


How did we do it?

This is that project that the "KING" of techniques was the favorite "Arte & Collagem".

A rich mix of bodies, heads, ingredients, all mixed together, as if it were a real "pizza", but still delivering the same visual harmony that we love.



What techniques?


.Texture and Shader


.Motion Graphics

.Art and Collage

.Composition / Chroma


Who did?

Client: Pizza Hut
Producer: Surreal

Post Producer: Atomo VFX
Executive Director: Guilherme Correa
Service: Rafaela Coelho
Financial Director: Anna Carolina Gomes
Administrative assistant: Stephany Almeida
R&D Lead: Roberto Hradec
Post Production Coordinator: Fernanda Nahas
Art Direction: Vítor Rolim
Art Supervision: Caio Montanari
Post Production Supervision: Rafael Zierhofer
Composition: Caio Ferreira Penteado and Rafael Zierhofer
Motion Graphics: Kassia Oliveira, Vinny Ale and Renato Montoro 
Submission: Vítor Amorim

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