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Liquids, germs and 3D mouth.

The briefing? "Listerine kills Germs with karate chops!"

Okay, leave it to us!

Listerine is a campaign of 3 films and you can find them all on our Vimeo!


How did we do it?

Lots of liquid simulation. As we know, this is always a challenge...BUT, making the liquid turn into a hand with a karate chop is another level.

"Controllable chaos" simulation, 3D mouth scan and "super renders".



What techniques?


.Texture and Shader





Who did?

Client: Listerine
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Producer: Surreal Hotel Arts
Directed by: Carlão Busato and Luigi Parisi
Post Producer: Atomo VFX
Executive Director: Guilherme Correa
Service: Rafaela Coelho
Financial Director: Anna Carolina Gomes
Administrative Assistant: Stephany Almeida
R&D Lead: Roberto Hradec
Post Production Coordinator: Fernanda Nahas
Art Supervision: Caio Montanari
Post Production Supervision: Rafael Zierhofer
3D and Lookdev Lead: Irapoan Inaja
Modeling: Bruno Camiza
Shader: Bruno Camiza and Daniel Mussolini
Render: Irapoan Inaja and Daniel Mussolini
Animation: Daniel Mussolini and Rafael Zierhofer
Rogério Alves Simulation
Composition: Caio Montanari and Rafael Zierhofer
Motion: Rodrigo Lopes
Submission: Vitor Amorim

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