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Hi Chew

3D Recipe? Here is the result of a complete recipe!

Characters and setting. From Concept to Render.


How did we do it?

A beautiful example of how characters are created in 3D and come to life,

Hi Chew's characters were created by hand, drawn! And then brought to life with a lot of rigging and animation.



What techniques?




.Rigging & Skinning




Who did?

Client: Hi Chew
Agency: Sponge Agency
Directed by: Caio Montanari

Post Producer: Atomo VFX
Executive Director: Guilherme Correa
Service: Rafaela Coelho
Financial Director: Anna Carolina Gomes
Administrative assistant: Stephany Almeida
R&D Lead: Roberto Hradec
Post Production Coordinator: Kássia Oliveira
Post-Production Coordination Assistant: Fernanda Nahas
Post Production Supervision: Rafael Zierhofer
Editing: Rafael Zierhofer and Kássia Oliveira
3D Lead: Irapoan Inaja
Concept: André Zendron
Character modeling: Milton Dias and Marcelo Pasqua
Modeling assets: Daniel Mussolini, Bruno Camiza, Irapoan Inaja and Romio Alencar
Render: Daniel Mussolini, Bruno Camiza, Irapoan Inaja, Roberto Hradec
Simulation: Romio Alencar and Roberto Hradec
Motion Graphics: Victor Camiza
Composition: Victor Camiza

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