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Lots of Motion Graphics! The beloved frame by frame.

With each frame, a new surprise.

And in all styles! Classic Motion, Art & Collage, 2D, 3D....

And as a golden key, this beautiful work begins with a huge "cyberpunk" city made entirely in Unreal Engine.


How did we do it?

Motion Graphics everywhere and for all tastes.

Cutouts, glitches, facial and body interventions.

Created by an incredible team of specialized and incredibly creative artists.
In addition to our team specializing in Unreal Engine to create the city in real time.



What techniques?

.Motion Graphics - 2D and 3D
.Art & Collage
.Unreal Engine



Who did?

Client: Freeletics
Directed by: Nylon - Caio Montanari and Boca Ceravolo 

Post Producer: Atomo VFX
Executive Director: Guilherme Correa
Service: Rafaela Coelho
Financial Director: Anna Carolina Gomes
Administrative assistant: Stephany Almeida
R&D Lead: Roberto Hradec
Post Production Coordinator: Fernanda Nahas
Post production coordination assistant: Kássia Oliveira 
Art Supervision: Boca Ceravolo and Guiller Valente 
Post Production and Unreal Supervision: Rafael Zierhofer
Art direction: Marcelo Pasquá
3D Lead: Irapoan Inaja
Editing: Ana Mendonça, Boca Ceravolo, Caio Montanari and Victor Cohen
Composition: Caio Montanari and Rafael Zierhofer
Motion Graphics: Boca Ceravolo and Guiller Valente
Finishing: Paula Bú

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